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Lynch Motor Company, Past, Present and Future

Innovator Of Electric Motors

Lynch Motor Company Team

Lynch Motor Company was established in 1990 and has over 30 years of experience in the designing, building and manufacturing of the Lynch Electric Motor and Marine Drive Systems. Our vision is to develop and produce electric motors to the highest standards, whilst putting the customer at the center of our work. 

Our motor components are made on site, at our Devonshire factory. We are proud to be displaying the  Made In Britain sticker on our motors, and manufacturing over 90% of our motor components from the UK. Our motor components are known for their robustness, this is proven by testing each component under extreme conditions. Knowing that they would not only do what was expected, but would also surpass their requirements.

We are now widely regarded as an innovator of electric motors. Our products have been perfected for over 30 years. We are proud to be generating movement efficiently and will continue to help customers meet their desires, of being powered electrically. With sustainability at the forefront of our minds. 


  Why Lynch Motors?


Lynch motor company test- development


Over 30 years of development & research

The Lynch Motor benefits from over 30 years of research and development, offering a small but very powerful motor. Our 5 different motor models come in a variety of sizes and powers, with an added benefit of being light weight. Providing a high power to weight ratio. This enables our motor to be more efficient and cost effective with the added benefit of simplicity.




World mapping showing where Lynch has shipped


Working with clients all around the world

The Lynch Electric Motor and Marine Drive Systems have been shipped internationally and are part of countless projects and applications across the world, from trains in the Middle East to special effects in the infamous Pinewood Studios. Whatever your motorised challenge, Lynch can develop a solution that is efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly. Your order can be easily shipped to your chosen destination.



Lynch Motor Company Knowledgeable and Experienced Team


Knowledgeable, Experienced Staff

Our team has over 80 years of experience altogether in the designing, building and distributing of the Lynch Electric Motor and Lynch Marine Drive Systems. Our experienced technical team are passionate engineers who strive for the highest quality workmanship. They endeavour to build the electric motors and marine drive systems with the customer in mind. Customers can trust that our product will be long lasting and confident in the needs being met.

At Lynch we are proud of our developments and continue to conduct research, with our in house research and development team, to enhance our motors design, performance and efficiency. We also recognise the importance of team development. Our engineers are qualified in using C&C machines, servicing motors, conducting installations and completing site surveys to very high standards.

The Lynch team can help guide you through your project from start to finish. Our friendly customer service team are always happy to assist with any enquiry. Ensuring that the ordering to delivery experience is as smooth as possible.


Technical Drawing for Lynch Motor Company

Bespoke, individual solution to every project

Here at Lynch Motor Company our aim is to help resolve any propulsion challenges and provide assistance to customers by offering a bespoke electric motor service. The intensive investment in C&C machinery, technology and training has allowed us to offer complete flexibility when working on bespoke solutions. As over 90% of our motors are built on site by our technical engineers. In addition to having a diligent, responsive customer service team who will ensure the right motor is selected for your unique project. Avoiding any compatibility issues in the near future.




Electric Motors


"At Lynch Motors, we are committed to ongoing development and improvements, while always paying meticulous attention to detail and producing a motor that offers up consistent performance and reliability"

- Trevor Lees director of Lynch Motors


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  • Motors
    In order to develop and produce motors in quantity to a high standard, each individual component has been fully investigated, tested and put to the extremes. To ensure that they would not only do what was expected, but would also surpass their requirements.
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  • Applications
    We have a vast amount of knowledge on controllers, especially on which controller is best suitable for your application. Over the years we have established partnerships with a number of controller manufacturers and are pleased to offer Alltrax, Sigma and 4QD controllers.
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