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Converting your vehicle to electric can be a very efficient, eco-friendly move. By switching to an electric motor, you'll not only save on the growing cost of fuel, but your electric vehicle will be powered by a 'clean energy source' meaning your vehicle will not be producing emissions.

> The Lynch Motor provides an excellent low maintenance, zero emissions and reduced noise pollution solution to powering your vehicle.

> Zero emissions - clean energy source

> Cost effective - save on fuel bills

> Reduced noise pollution - almost silent

Cheaper to Operate: Electric vehicles can easily be charged using a domestic plug, the same you'd use to boil a kettle and what's more, it is seriously cheap to 'fuel up'.

Low Emissions: Dependent upon which type of electricity powers your electric vehicle.

Quiet and Quick: With just one ride, when compared with other fuel powered vehicles, you will notice just how quiet and smooth an electric vehicle is.