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When considering an electric motor for your boat, one of the most important factors is the day to day operating costs such as fuel. The Lynch Motor provides an excellent solution to running your marine motor as it provides a low running cost, requires very little maintenance and is almost silent.

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> Chargeable under the sail

> Simple installation

> No fumes, smells or pollution


Free From Pollution: The Lynch Motor doesn't pollute the water like regular petrol boat motors, instead it uses electric to power your boat and emits no harmful fumes, smells or pollution.

Battery Balancing: Batteries can be charged by solar and mains hook up or as regenerative charge via sail drive which means you can be completely green using no man made energy.

Near Silent: Is a noisy engine interfering with your boating experience? The Lynch Motor is almost completely silent, offering a blissfully quiet and relaxing experience.








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