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Lynch Motor Company Testimonials

Supporting Lake Windermere Cruises

Lake Windermere testimonial boat image

'Our Journey with Lynch Motor Company started in 2010, where our self-drive boats were fitted with Lynch’s Marine Drive System. We were delighted with our experience and the system performance. We now have over eighty systems from Lynch installed, with most systems being installed in our brand-new boats.

Reliability is paramount in our line of business, and Lynch Motor Company's system has proven to be the epitome of dependability. Over the course of fourteen trouble-free years, we have experienced no issues with the system. This reliability has translated to a smooth operation, allowing us to provide unforgettable cruising experiences on England's largest lake, Lake Windermere.

One of the standout features of Lynch Motor Company's Marine Drive System is its virtually maintenance-free design. This has been a game-changer for us, as it has significantly reduced operational costs. Our crew can focus on delivering exceptional service to our passengers, confident in the knowledge that the marine drive system is working seamlessly.

We would highly recommend Lynch Motor Company to fellow marine operators seeking a trustworthy, quality, and efficient marine drive system for their vessels.'

John Woodburn, Windermere Lake Cruises


Reducing Fuel Consumption With Lynch

'Since having the Red Snapper commissioned in our Narrow boat as the first stage of a “drop in” parallel hybrid drive system, we have covered more than 250 miles and transited 148 locks.

Red Snapper Drop in Hybrid, installed in Oliver

The Lynch Electric Motor has significantly reduced our fuel consumption (in the region of 65%), for every hour of diesel charging the battery bank gave 2-3 hours of almost silent (christened by some as stealth mode) cruising at 4 kph (2.5 mph) – the limit on the canal system being 4 mph (6.5 kph) which with the number of moored boats and traffic during the season was almost impossible to achieve.

The Lynch Electric Motor can yield higher speeds at the cost of reduced cruising time (proved during our transit of the river Nene) – the “sweet spot” being for our setup 4kph.

The Lynch Electric Motor has the advantage when transiting locks, having no background noise of diesel engine chugging away burning money making communication difficult, the electric motor only running as needed. The fine control of the rotation speed of the Lynch Electric Motor makes manoeuvring easier. 

Other advantages of the “stealth drive” is you can leave moorings without disturbing the beauty sleep of your neighbours, wild life is easier to approach without disturbance.

Disadvantage fishermen/women are shocked when you sound the horn on approach.'

Mike Dawson, Red Snapper Drop in Electric Hybrid Inboard System


Lynch To The Rescue 

Sophie and Vaughn aboard Toucan

'We really can’t thank the team at Lynch Motors enough for digging us out of a massive hole! We purchased our 57’ narrowboat with a single-drive electric engine which blew up on day one, experienced boaters were telling us we should replace it with a traditional diesel motor… “electric will be expensive,” “you won’t pull a boat this size with an electric motor,” etc. We’re so glad we called Lynch, they worked within our limited budget to provide us with a new twin-drive Swordfish electric motor, it’s super lightweight and really easy to operate, we can’t wait to show it off around the canals when we start our new continuous-cruising boat life in earnest this spring!'

Sophie Durrant, Lynch Yellowtail Direct Marine Drive System




The Talk Of The Canal

'There are so many positives regarding the motor, controller and set up.

The motor consumes around 1.5-2kW at a normal cruising speed. This is pretty much bang on what was predicted and the Victron readout does give a pretty accurate view of net consumption and remaining battery capacity.  

Marlin Marine Drive System Installed in Customers Boat

Losses in the system due to the control boxes seems pretty low.

The overall noise from the system is a lot lower than the diesel it replaced

Responsiveness of the motor controller is very good; once worked out the gear ratios with Lynch it's been very smooth.

As we have 3 banks of 8x 6v 236Ah batteries we have a theoretical max of around 34kWh, which we think along with the 700W of solar we installed gives us 2- 3 decent days range before we need to put in at a marina overnight to top up. Whilst this wouldn't suit a lot of people we think we can make this work- if we had a bigger boat we'd install a lot more solar and we could potentially reach parity.

We've had quite a few compliments, and we've even had people ask us if ours is the electric boat that other people have been talking to them about along the cut!'

 Alan Beckett, Marlin 8