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 Alltrax, Sigma and 4QD 


Whilst developing the Lynch Electric Motor, we have gained a vast knowledge on which controller to use for specific applications. Over the years we have established partnerships with a number of controller manufacturers, Alltrax and Curtiss-Wright and 4QD and we are pleased to offer the Alltrax SR, Sigma Drive and Pro-360 controllers.

Prices start from £533.36+VAT

Alltrax Controller supplied by Lynch Motor Company


Alltrax SR Controller

A range of 2 quadrant DC Controllers ranging from 12 to 72v and is suitable for bespoke projects, including golf karts and canal boats, as the Alltrax will be wired up to the correct output voltage for the application.

Click here to view the full specification

Alltrax SR Manual

For additional information on Alltrax SR Controllers






Sigma Controller Supplied By Lynch Motor Company

Sigma Drive Controller

A range of 4 quadrant DC Controllers ranging from 24 to 80v and suitable for a wide range of electric applications and can be wired by our inhouse technical team to suit a specific project. 

Click here to view the full specification 

Sigma Drive Manual 

For additional information on sigma Drive Controllers by Curtiss-Wright









4QD 360 Controller

4QD Pro-360 Controllers

The powerful Pro-360 controllers have advanced features and high voltage ratings, enabling the controllers to produce high currents. The controllers operate between 12V and 84V and have a peak current of 360A. The Pro-360 controllers are perfect for electric boats and has a LCD that enhances its usability, letting the customer read the voltage, current and temperature. 


Click here to view the full specification 

4QD Pro-360 Manual

For additional information on Pro-360 Controllers by 4QD





Alltrax Company, supplier of Alltrax Controllers to Lynch Electric Motors




Curtiss-Wright, Supplier of Controllers to Lynch Motor Company


4QD supplier for Lynch Motor Company



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