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Lynch Electric Motor

At Lynch Motor Company, we have a keen interest in renewable energy, which is why we have developed our motors to be suited to more than one application. Making them a reliable and renewable energy source for the future.

The Lynch Electric Motor is an axial gapped, direct current (DC), pancake brushed motor. Supplied in 5 different motor frame sizes, that provide different power to weight ratios.

Lynch Motor As A Generator

All our of motors are permanent magnet motors, which enable them to be used as a generator. Contact us for more details.

Lynch Motor Specification

Key Elements of the Lynch Motor

Lynch Electric Motor Models

Price starting from £1308.32+VAT, depending on model


LEM- 240 Motor


Lynch Motor LEM-240

The LEM-240 is suitable for a range of applications.

This is currently our most powerful motor, built of aluminium. This open framed motor can sustain rugged construction and is designed to tackle larger tasks within the commercial and industrial sectors. Example applications include industrial, motorcycles, vehicles, go-karts and large marine vessels

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LEM- 200 Motor


Lynch Motor LEM-200

The LEM-200 is suitable for traction and industrial applications.

Example applications include grass cutters, go-karts, motorcycles, golf carts, scissor lifts, lightweight vehicles, boats and generators. The LEM-200 is available in 95,126,127 and 135 and contains traction armatures with magnet grade selection dependent on application.

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Lynch Motor LEM-170

The LEM-170 is suitable for traction and industrial applications.

Example applications include compressors, sweepers, mopeds, golf carts and pumps. The LEM-170 is available in 95, 127 and D127.

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Lynch Motor LEM-130

The LEM-130 suitable for light traction and robotics applications.

Example applications include railway service vehicle, scooters, mopeds and small vehicles. The LEM-130 is available with two options, 95 and 95B.

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LEM 2X2 Lynch Electric Motor



Lynch Motor LEM-2X2

The LMC-2X2 contains 2 motors in a single frame suitable for traction and industrial applications.

The LMC-2X2 is available in 200-95, 127 and 135 strip armatures with magnet grade selection dependent on application.

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Motor performance

LEM-240 12 Pole 48V

 LEM-200 D127 48V 

(Parallel to LEM-2X2)

LEM-170 127 48V

LEM-130 95 48V 

Motor test graphs, displaying the motors performance. The graphs are examples to show our motor capabilities. Performance is dependent on the motor model. 

Lynch Motor Company Manuals 

Operation And Maintenance Manual For Lynch Motor Company's DC Motors

Advantages of a Lynch Electric Motor

 High efficiency
Due to use of thick conductors of low resistance and close coupling with magnetic field the Lynch Motor is highly efficient

High power at low speed
High power and torque at low speed resulting from high magnetic flux acting on both sides of the armature

Highly reliable, rugged construction
There are no commutator connections to break down. Cross-connections are made at the armature periphery where cooling is at its maximum. Commutation is excellent and brush life is many thousands of hours

Constant speed 'shunt' characteristic
The Lynch Motor will not over-speed on no load

Simple electronic control
With speed proportional to voltage, the maximum speed is self-regulating and regenerative breaking possible

Motor Safety

We work within the European Union's (EU) low voltage directive, to ensure that the electrical equipment we distribute is fixed within the voltage limit. All our systems are maximum 72v DC and most systems that we distribute to customers are within 24v or 48v DC. Meeting the governments guidelines, 72v and less is considered safe and 50v and below is "ultra-safe". Providing further protection to customers and meeting health and safety requirements, ensuring our equipment is safe for the consumer to use and install. 

Lynch Electric Motor FAQs

  • Are the Lynch Electric Motors DC or AC? Lynch Electric Motors are DC motors.

  • Are Lynch Electric Motors brushed or brushless? The Lynch Electric Motors are a brushed, pancake style motor.

  • Does a brand new Lynch Motor come with a warranty and how long is it for? The Lynch Electric Motor comes with a 2 year warranty.

  • Can I install the motor myself? Yes, as the Lynch Electric Motor complies with the low voltage directive.

  • What are the white and red wires attached to the motor? The white and red wires are the heat sensors.

  • How often I need to service my Lynch Electric Motor? Once per year.

  • Can my Lynch Electric Motors be serviced inhouse? Yes, we have a inhouse technical team who can service your motor onsite.

  • Can the Lynch Electric Motor be customised for specific applications? Yes, our inhouse engineering team can collaboratively work with you to create tailored solutions.

  • How do I determine the right motor size for my application? We can help provide impartial advice to ensure the most appropriate motor is chosen based on information given, on power requirements, load characteristics and operating conditions. 

  •  Do the Lynch Electric Motors comply with industry standards and certifications? Yes, Lynch Motor Company adheres to all relevant industry standards and certifications and customers can be assured that our motors meet regulatory requirements for quality and safety. 

  • How can I get technical advice on a Lynch Electric Motor? Contact our headquarters, to speak to our technical support team. Where we'll be able to answer all your questions.

  • Where can I purchase a Lynch Electric Motor? Our Lynch Electric Motors are available to order direct or can be purchased through an authorised distributor.

  • How much is delivery? The cost of delivery depends on shipping location. Cost to a UK address for a Lynch Electric Motor starts from £18.50+VAT. Contact our headquarters to receive a quote for international shipping.



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