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Other Services

Lynch Motor being serviced at the factory


To ensure the longevity of your Lynch Electric Motor, we recommend you have your Lynch motor serviced at regular intervals. 

Our standard Service Package Includes:

  • Complete strip down and clean of castings
  • Bearing, shaft and band cover replacement
  • Skim armature and check balance
  • Re-assemble and test

Additional 3 month warranty issued upon completion. 

Basic Service - £325.00+VAT

Formal findings are provided to the customer after initial inspection. If further work is required to repair a motor, this will be quoted and agreed by the customer, before being conducted. 


We offer an installation package for our Marine Drive Systems. We can provide you with a complete package price for completing the installation process, depending on your boats location. To find out more details, please contact our headquarters for more information.

During the installation the following parts are installed:

  • Battery installation, wiring and programming (depending on if programmable batteries are used)
  • Controller enclosure installation   

    Windermere Motors Installation by Lynch Motor Company
  • Throttle and display installation, location specific to customer requests
  • Motor frame installation
  • Propeller coupling and alignment  
  • Solar panels (if required)
  • Full functional test


Once you or a third party have installed our Lynch Electric Marine Drive System into your boat, the installation can be checked by our technical engineers who will complete the commissioning. All our technical engineers have full knowledge of the Lynch system. The commissioning allows the checking and verification of the following processes, before the boat is powered up, to ensure the system was installed to specification.

Lappa Vallley Commissioning
  • Motor/shaft alignment 
  • Secure mounting on the controllers
  • Associated assemblies and cables, tidy and presentable

Once confirmed, the engineer checks with the system powered that the drive reaches full voltage, and the current was correct. Finally the boat will be taken for a drive to confirm that the readings taken on the initial settings were inline. 


Contact our headquarters for more information