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LC2 Range

The LC2 range of batteries from Leoch includes a range of 2V batteries. These batteries display various features including deep cycle technology and excellent over discharge recovery acceptance.

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> Designed to last more than 12 years
> Has super carbon technology and deep cycle technology
> The modular design allows it to take up less space, be easily installed and maintained
> Excellent charging acceptance with super fast charge and large discharge performance
> Boasting an innovative design which ensures excellent safety and reliability
> Has great over discharge recovery acceptance and excellent PSOC cycle
> Has a cycle life of 60%DOD≥2980


These batteries can be used for the following applications:       

> Smart grid systems
> Storage systems for home energy
> Hybrid power supply systems
> Used in unstable grids
> Storage systems for renewable energy
> Street lamp power supply systems
> Micro grid and distributed energy storage systems
> Renewable energy communication base stations

Battery Specification