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LDC Range

The LDC range of batteries by Leoch includes a selection of 6V, 8V, and 12V batteries. These batteries have a superior performance in a variety of applications as well as a deep cycle design which allows for high capacity and maximum life.



  • Customised for deep cycle performance
  • Specific production process used to maximise the cycle life
  • Designed to minimise the water consumption to provide a longer service life
  • Mixture of carbon and other additives to perform PSOC applications
  • Increased charge acceptance to optimise charging and give fast charging capabilities
  • Unique AGM separator, manufactured to lower internal resistance, keep the plates wet, maintain cell compression and to prevent acid stratification which is one of the leading causes for AGM battery failure

These batteries can be used for the following applications:

  • In remote locations
  • Places where there is limited access
  • When time and convenience is important
  • Can be used where flooded batteries fail prematurely to improper care
  • Pre-sale equipment storage or off-season storage
  • In areas with rough terrains
  • In cold environments as they are less likely to freeze
  • Won't release gases when properly operated
  • Used near people and any sensitive equipment
  • Where regulation compliance is important, eg. in schools, hospitals, and airports
  • In space restricted installations  
  • Double wrapped AGM separator to prevent short circuits and acid stratification


LDC Batteries data sheet