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LRC2 Range

  The LRC2 range from Leoch boasts excellent charging acceptance, it has super fast charging capabilities and large discharge performance. The batteries comply with all regulations and standards so you are ensured a high-quality product with excellent safety.

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  •  Designed to last 15 years
  • Great PSOC cycle performance
  • Superb charging acceptance and a large discharge performance
  • Compliant with IEC, IEEE, UL, EN, CE standards
  • Is installed horizontally to solve the issue of electrolyte stratification and to also save space
  • Innovative and robust design ensures excellent safety and reliability
  • The modular design allows easy maintenance and simple installation into small spaces
  • Contains no liquid electrolyte due to integrated gel and agm technology
  • Has a cycle life of 60%DOD≥4000
  • Boasts super carbon technology and deep cycle technology

These batteries can be used for the following applications:

  • New energy generation - solar, window, PV/wind hybrid
  • Peak load shifting energy storage systems
  • Load tracking energy storage systems
  • Smart grid systems and micro grid systems
  • Mobile container storage systems
  • Oil and electric hybrid energy storage systems
  • Grid frequency energy storage systems
  • New energy communication base stations
  • Other energy storage systems  


Battery Specification