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MG Energy Systems - High end battery systems

MG Energy systems specialise in high-end lithium-ion battery solutions, they are ideal for full-electric and hybrid marine propulsion systems, industrial and mobile automotive applications.


  • Modular and scalable
  • Lithium-ion technology  
    MG Energy Systems
  • Robust design
  • Easy installation
  • Compact design
  • Worldwide Coverage


These batteries can be used for the following applications:

  • Energy storage for hotel load and hybrid and electric propulsion systems
  • High end batteries for off or on grid installations
  • Peakshaving and UPS systems to internal transportation
  • Automatic guided vehicles and emergency vehicles

Lithium Batteries


MG LFP 12V Battery

Lithium iron phosphate chemistry is the foundation of the 12 volt battery. These batteries are therefore secure and dependable. The LFP 12 V lithium-ion batteries can also be connected in parallel to quickly increase your battery storage system. Thus, the system's capacity is increased. These batteries are perfect for luxury yachts, rescue vehicles, and motorhomes.

Technical specifications
Voltage: 12.8 V  |  Capacity: 210 Ah | Weight: 22kg


MG LFP 24V Battery

There are two versions of the MG LFP Battery 24 V: LFP 230 and LFP 280. This secure and dependable battery is built on the second-generation LiFePO4 chemistry. Both the voltage and the capacity of this battery are fully expandable. By joining the LFP batteries in parallel and series, you may easily increase the capacity of your energy storage system (ESS). A battery voltage of 470 Vdc can be achieved by connecting up to 16 modules in series. The system's capacity is increased by adding more parallel strings. You can than achieve system capacities of 720 kWh.

Technical specifications
Voltage: 25.6 V  |  Capacity: 230/280 Ah | Weight: 41/53kg


HE Series

The main advantages of the MG product line are system integration and scalability. MG HE NMC battery modules can be connected in parallel or series to quickly expand your energy storage system. The system's capacity is increased, or systems up to 96 Vdc are created. An MG battery management controller is a necessary component of every MG energy storage system for secure functioning. To create redundancy, link many MG Masters together simultaneously. This improves your battery system's dependability.