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Lynch Motors Mylor Boat Hire Conversion to electric

electric boat motors

Coming under new ownership in 2020, Mylor Boat Hire decided that an electric boat would fit perfectly into their current fleet as well as being an ideal accompaniment to Falmouth River Watersports’ stand up paddleboard tours along the river. The new electric powered vessel would give Mylor Boat Hire’s customers the ability to travel greater distances while enjoying an eco-friendly journey.

The project started with Mylor Boat Hire obtaining a second-hand Plymouth Pilot boat named ‘Rosamund’, which had seen better days. The boat was originally fitted with a diesel engine and the flooring beneath the engine was in great need of renovation. The work to be undertaken would need transformative alterations to the structure of the hull in order to fit the engine and batteries. Thankfully the hull of the boat was in good condition so did not need overhauling.

Rosamund would need to be able to travel at 5 knots for trips ranging between 2 to 4 hours at a time. The boat would also be expected to be operating for around 150 days a year, amounting to around 500 hours of use in one year alone.

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electric boat motors
electric boat motors