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Mount Batten Ferry Electric Drive Retrofit

electric marine motors

The Mount Batten Ferry service's boat named 'Copper' has made the transition to electric drive

During lockdown for the COVID-19 pandemic, the Mount Batten Ferry service took advantage of the downtime in their services by upgrading their boat 'Copper' from a previously diesel engine.

Copper now boasts an electric drive system alongside solar panels to help the Port of Plymouth with their new green initiative. The transition to electric was in part funded by Plymouth University in conjunction with Exeter University.

Electric drive on Plymouth's waters

The Mount Batten Ferry service is normally running through the year between the Barbican and Mount Batten and as Copper is used extensively throughout the service it made it an ideal choice for being retrofitted.

electric marine motors

The Port of Plymouth's objective of bringing about clean travel within the port has taken a step forward with Mount Batten Ferry's boat conversion. The electric drive system has been carefully constructed to ensure a lasting, environmentally friendly solution.