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Marine Drive Systems

During the 30 years Lynch Motor Company have been operating, we have additionally designed, built and produced a range of different fully electric and hybrid inboard Marine Drive Systems. Our Marine Drive Systems are suitable for a variety of marine applications, such as foot passenger ferries, narrowboats and solar powered boats.

The Lynch Electric Marine Drive System is unique due to it's simplistic, compact design and simple control. Creating a user friendly system which can be easily installed and operated. It can also be used in a variety of environmental conditions, such as salty rivers, seas, canals and lakes. 


  Lynch Electric and Hybrid

 Marine Drive System Models

Prices Start From £5176.00+VAT, dependent on model 


Yellowtail Marine System

The Yellowtail 

The Yellowtail Direct Drive Marine System is suitable for a range of vessels, from small day boats to sailing crafts and catamarans. 

  • Power, 5-10HP (2.5Kw with a peak of 6Kw)
  • For 15-25ft craft size
  • 24v input power
  • Weight, 14KG

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The Yellowtail system is available in one model

Yellowtail 2.5Kw/24v 



Marlin Marine Drive System

Marlin Single Drive System 

The Marlin Drive System is suitable for a whole range of vessels, canal broad beam barges; sailing boats and catamarans.

  • Power, 10-50HP (5Kw/8Kw/13Kw output)
  • For 20-60ft craft size
  • 48v input & 72 input
  • Weight, 21KG

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The Marlin is available in four different models

Marlin 5- 5kw/48v 

Marlin 8- 8kw/48v 

Marlin 10- 10kw/48v 

Marlin 13- 13kw/72v 




Swordfish Marine System

Swordfish Twin Drive System 

The Swordfish Drive System is suitable for a whole range of vessels, canal broad beam barges; sailing boats; catamarans and pleasure crafts.

  • Power, 48-75HP (16Kw & 26Kw output)
  • 40-80ft including narrowboats
  • 48v input & 72 input
  • Weight, 27KG

View the full specification 

The Swordfish is available in three different models, 

Swordfish 16- 16kw/48v 

Swordfish 20- 20kw/48v

Swordfish 26- 26kw/72v 



Sailfish Sonic Saildrive


The Sailfish Sonic Electric Saildrive 

The Sailfish saildrive is suitable for pleasure craft and sailing boats. It can be considered as an option to for an outboard or inboard diesel replacement, up to 16HP for auxiliary propulsion. The Sailfish is available in two different models, the Direct Drive and Reduction Drive 2:1.

  • Power, 5-35HP (2.5Kw-8Kw output)
  • For 20-35ft craft size
  • 24V input & 48V input
  • Weight, 28-40KG

View the full specification 

The Sailfish is available in three different models, 

Sailfish 2.5- 2.5Kw/24v

Sailfish 5- 5Kw/48v

Sailfish 8- 8Kw/48v



Red snapper Drop in Hybrid

Red Snapper Drop in Hybrid 

The Red Snapper is a drop-in electric hybrid inboard system designed for typical cruising speeds on inland, national and international waterways. The system will fit narrow boats, sailing crafts, yachts and please crafts (subject to engine bay size).

Higher engine speeds are then expected to be available to help recharge the battery source when operating the electric motor in generator mode. Electric-only drive mode will provide a maximum speed to allow the vessel to reach standard cruising speed.

  • Power, 17-35HP
  • 48v input

View the full specification 

The Red Snapper is available in one model

Red Snapper 48v Hybrid

Available in three modes,

1. Mode 1- The existing combustion engine drive motor propels the boat. The electric motor is clutched out of the drive train.

2. Mode 2- The electric motor is engaged to the propel of the boat. The internal combustion engine is neutral or 'disengaged'.

3. Mode 3- The existing internal combustion drive motor propels the boat. The electric motor is clutched in but is in neutral, and the electric motor becomes a generator and replenishes the batteries.





The Barracuda is a single drive system which is suitable for a range of vessels, launches, narrowboats, houseboats, day bots and sailing boats. The Barracuda can be coupled directly to the prop shaft.

  • Power, 10-80HP (2.5Kw-26Kw output)
  • For 15-80ft craft size
  • 24V input & 72V input

View the full specification 



Lynch Motor Company Bluefin System

Lynch Motor Company Bluefin 2

The Lynch Electric Outboard Motor Bluefin 2 is suitable for a range of pleasure, leisure and hire craft boats. The outboard system comes in three different models, 5Kw, 8Kw and 13Kw

  • Power, 10-40HP (16Kw-26Kw output)
  • For 20-50ft craft size
  • 48V input & 72V input
  • Weight, 18KG

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 Marine System Equipment 

  1. Motor and frame assembly including belt drive reduction with the output shaft
  2. Controller assembly pre-programmed and fused
  3. Display and ignition assembly
  4. Throttle assembly
  5. Set of signal cables
  6. Manuals 

Lynch Marine Drive Manuals

Get The Best Out Of Your Lynch Marine Drive System


                              Advantages of a Lynch Electric Marine Drive Systems 

Zero Emissions 

Operates cleanly only using electric propulsion, ensuring no oxides are to be given off into the atmosphere.

100% Reliable  

'Plug and go' installation system.

 Zero Guilt

Low fuel costs, charged by solar or wind.

Quiet System

Low noise and quiet operation


Marine FAQ's

  • Where are the Lynch Marine Systems built? They are built in the UK at our factory, in Devon.

  • How long is the warranty for with a Lynch Marine Drive System? 2 years.

  • Do I have to remove the existing engine? Yes, unless it is a drop in electric hybrid.

  • Will Lynch be able to give me technical advice on which Lynch Marine Drive System is best suited to my boat? Yes, contact our headquarters to speak to a member of the technical team for further advice. 

  • Do I need a generator? Yes, as solar will not provide you with a significant range, but this can be extended with batteries and a charger.

  • How many batteries do I need? This depends on the space available and length of cruise.

  • Where can I source batteries from and which ones? We can recommend batteries upon request and would suggest Lithium based batteries as they will be weight saving, increase cruising range and motoring duration.

  • How much space do I need for the installation of a Lynch Marine Drive System? This depends on which Lynch Marine Drive System is being fitted.

  • Can I install the Lynch Marine Drive System myself? Yes you can. We can even come and commission the install, once it has been completed, to check it is fitted to specification.

  • Can Lynch Motor Company install my Lynch Marine Drive system? Yes we can, but this is an additional cost and the price depends on location.

  • Can I use solar power as a secondary power supply? Yes but this depends on space. 

  • Can a motor be added to my existing diesel engine? A hybrid option could be practical but will need to be checked by completing a site survey.

  • I'm on a tidal river, can the motor do regeneration with water flow? No, unfortunately it can't.

  • Are the Lynch Marine Drive Systems air cooled or water cooled? The systems are air cooled.

  • Can I use my existing prop shaft? Yes you can but it depends on the boat.

  • What is the delivery cost for a Lynch Marine Drive system? We offer free UK delivery on all of our electric marine drive systems. Contact our headquarters to receive a quote for international shipping.